Serve Samman is a non-profit organization that works with people from weaker sections of the society


The world is home to 45 million who are blind. In fact, every 3rd blind person in the world is an Indian. About 90% of the worlds visually impaired live in developing countries. Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment; cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness in middle- and low-income countries.80% of Indian population especially the elderly poor lives deep in the rural countryside having little or no access to adequate medical aid.





In the month of April, we began with a fresh batch of students enrolled in the Certificate Course for Active Basic and Desktop Publishing as certified by NIIT at our Tughlakabad centre, sponsored by the Fena foundation.

A total of 67 students have enrolled in both the programs (49 in active Basic course, and 18 in Desktop Publishing) for four months. The students were imparted skills in MS Office, CorelDraw, InDesign and Photoshop software to provide them with additional job skills.

Placement drive was also held for graduating beneficiaries. While 11 students appeared for the test, 5 were offered a job by ‘Stylen Stock’ company.



On 14th April, 65 students from our Noida and Devli centre went on an educational one-day trip to Agra along with the teachers. The students learnt about the history of the city and visited the Taj Mahal along with other monuments. It was a great opportunity for all the students as it was the first time for the majority of them to step out of Delhi/NCR.



Weekly football training was given to our girls by young coaches Ms. Sirat Rakheja and Ms. Aveka Singh, the vice captain of the Indian team U/15.



Serve Samman regularly hosts Birthday celebrations so as to inculcate the ‘joy of sharing’ amongst our girls as well as in the people who volunteer to celebrate their day with us.

In the last quarter, birthday celebrations were held by Master Ankur on 02/06/2018 by distributing pizza amongst the girls. Ashutosh Yadav also celebrated on 31/07/2018 at our Devli Centre.





Very recently on April 25th, yet another major disaster hit our neighboring nation, Nepal with a massive earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude. So far, over 5,000 people have perished and thousands more are expected dead or injured. The Aftershocks of the earthquake are still occurring, leaving thousands of people each day without food and shelter.

Our Team of doctors left for NEPAL, with the first batch of relief material on 7th May 2015. The next batch is ready to dispatch soon.

We urgently your support in the form of :

  • Material:- Large quantities of medicines, peanuts, milk powder, good quality solar torches, torch and batteries, umbrellas, water purifier tablets, chlorine tablets, dry food etc.
  • Monetary contributions:- for logistics and essential purchases. (All monetary contributions are tax exempted u/s 80G)

14th Anniversary Celebrations Of Naandi Day


Naandi Foundation began operations on the 1st of November, 1998. Celebrations were held in all the mandals to celebrate the occasion. Programs to celebrate the same were organized by the Academic Resource Coordinators of respective mandals. Sport competitions were conducted for the children and parents of Nanhi Kali. And prizes were distributed towards the end of the event. But amongst all the fun, the gathering was also educated about the Nanhi Kali program. – Drop this if there are no supporting images

Tuticorin Talent Hunt


Inter-school competitions were organized at the RC School, Therespuram on 9th Feb 2013. Project Nanhi Kali along with Sterlite Copper jointly organized the "TALHUNT", attended by 1500 children from 72 different schools across Tuticorin. Events like such as 200m dash, lemon race, memory games and numerous others were enjoyed by the kids.

Mummy Exhibition, Mumbai


In the last week of February, Reliance Foundation and BP, in collaboration with the British Museum and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, brought to India an award winning exhibition, ‘Mummy: The Inside Story’. The exhibition focused on the secrets of an Egyptian priest who died nearly 3000 years ago depicted by a 3D film.

This was an eye opener for 22 Nanhi Kalis that got an opportunity to participate. Nanhi Kali hopes to continue providing several more underprivileged girls in India with such opportunities.

Fund raising support


Alumni Meet, Sheopur


Setting an example at Project Nanhi Kali


Meet Geeta, the unsung champion


Games for Nanhi Kalis


Women’s Day Celebrations, Chennai


Material Development Workshop, Chennai


Felicitating the support


Health Camps, Hyderabad


Celebrating National Girl Child Day

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