In the realm of compassionate endeavors, Serve Samman stands as a pillar of support in times of crisis. Dedicated to making a real difference, Serve Samman has taken on the responsibility of alleviating suffering and providing relief to communities facing various challenges. Through innovative approaches and a commitment to humanity, this organization has become a beacon of hope, showcasing the incredible impact collective compassion can have on lives in need.

As you explore Serve Samman’s relief efforts, you’ll discover a narrative of resilience and transformative change. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters, addressing socio-economic disparities, or tackling health crises, Serve Samman has consistently demonstrated the power of unity in creating positive outcomes.
Join us in delving into the impactful journey of Serve Samman, where each initiative reflects a step towards a more compassionate and equitable world.

Disaster Relief

We have provided relief in major disaster-hit areas of Nepal, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand by arranging shelter, food, and health services for those affected by the earthquake and floods. Serve Samman workers met the grief-stricken families to provide them with the required aid to fast-track the road to recovery.

Ø   Our team members stationed in Nepal, not only helped the villagers receive relief in terms of food and medication but also helped them rebuild their homes.

Ø  They brought sheets for 172 houses and helped resurrect almost 3 complete villages where no relief had reached even after 10 days of the Earthquake.

Ø  After successfully providing aid in Nepal post the earthquake, Serve Samman went once again to build bore wells and install water pipelines to ensure water supply in Archale Village, where there was no water supply.

Covid Food Distribution

Our team has further gone the extra mile to help those lives which have been severely affected by the pandemic. We have been actively involved in setting up camps for the distribution of ration, food, face masks, hand sanitisers and more, amidst the imposed Covid-19 lockdown since 2020.

We Care For The Environment

Our team has further gone the exReusable Sanitary Pads distribution in association with The Moon Catcher Project and Sashi Kiran Charitable Trust.

Be a Catalyst for Change: Join Our Mission Today!

You can help with your contributions to support our mission to bring quality eyecare and healthcare services to people residing in remote and rural India where such services are inaccessible. Your generous support will empower us to help victims of natural disaster. When you make a donation, you give us the strength to continue our work and reach out to many more humans in need.

We are registered with MCA CSR 1 under Section # 135 (1) of Companies Act 2013 and Rule # 1, 3 & 5 of CSR Rules 2014 and undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects, based on your specific area needs. We work closely with your company framework to help you comply, supported by SOP’s , Programs & Strategies for effective implementation and monitoring.

All donations are exempt from tax under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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