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Donate To Further Our Cause!

When you donate, it fuels our ambition to continue to work hard and extend our reach to many more lives in need. Your donations can help ensure that all our vocational training centres are equipped with knowledgeable teachers that are essential to provide quality education and necessary skills to help the underprivileged youth become qualified for various jobs. Moreover, your donations enable us to organise free health care camps and facilitate cataract surgeries for those in need.

Donate your time!

Your time is extremely valuable to us. There are several options available for you to work with our field team or engage in work from home to assist in making a difference.

Volunteering options are available in the following areas:

  • Project Development and Management
  • Fund-raising and Marketing
  • Counselling
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Information Technology and Graphic Design
  • Teaching
  • Other various areas

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Can’t work full time?

We welcome interns to work in different departments to not only support the cause but also for them to learn and gain an experience of a lifetime. Register now!

Let’s partner up!

We are open to work with various organisations to create an opportunity to extend the ward in their respective areas. Further, we will provide backend support, consulting and guidance to these new alliances to strengthen our contribution and make it accessible to a wider population. 

Be a Catalyst for Change: Join Our Mission Today!

You can help with your contributions to support our mission to bring quality eyecare and healthcare services to people residing in remote and rural India where such services are inaccessible. Your generous support will empower us to help victims of natural disaster. When you make a donation, you give us the strength to continue our work and reach out to many more humans in need.

We are registered with MCA CSR 1 under Section # 135 (1) of Companies Act 2013 and Rule # 1, 3 & 5 of CSR Rules 2014 and undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects, based on your specific area needs. We work closely with your company framework to help you comply, supported by SOP’s , Programs & Strategies for effective implementation and monitoring.

All donations are exempt from tax under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Fleet Management & Tracking Partner
Affiliate – Dharamshilla Cancer & Research Foundation
Affiliate ICare Eye Hospital & PostGraduate Institute
Affiliate – The Mind & Wellness Clinic