Supporting Rural India with Health & Eyecare

The pandemic has created havoc across the country. People are unable to receive even basic healthcare support. Healthcare is ignored because people refrain from visiting hospitals and clinics due to high exposure to infections. In addition to that, the division between the rich and the poor continues to increase, leaving a significant portion of the population without access to basic healthcare services, most of whom live either in rural India or urban slums. As part of our contribution to social enhancement, we have worked in 10 undeveloped villages in the North-East region of the country, supporting more than 150 residents with basic provisions for better health, hygiene and culture.

India is home to over 20 percent of the world’s blind population. Unfortunately, it is also home to the largest number of blind children in any one country. With extensive research, it was found that 75% of blindness cases can be avoided. This is due to the lack of resources or health services in rural areas.

While India needs about 50,000 optometrists, it has only about 12,000 of them, the majority of whom live and practice in urban areas. Blurry vision and increased glare from lights can result in cataract, which makes it difficult for one to perform day-to-day normal activities. Cataracts remain the largest cause of blindness worldwide. Cataracts may cause moderate or severe vision impairment, and can even lead to blindness. People may have a bilateral or unilateral cataract, so it is more useful to consider the number of eyes than the number of people who require surgery. Due to lack of awareness, rural populations are hesitant of Cataract surgeries. Moreover, they don’t have suitable facilities or professionals in their villages to perform it.

Serve Samman tries to reach such underprivileged areas and organise free eyecare camps and create awareness. The aim behind this is to provide free spectacles, medication, eye kits and advice to those in need. Visiting patients at the camp are provided proper guidance on hygiene, deworming, healthy nutrition, sanitization, precautions on covid and benefits of vaccination. In case any patient requires advance care or cataract surgeries, suitable guidance and referral are made. People identified with cataract are taken to ICARE hospital, Noida, where free cataract surgeries are done. To ensure complete treatment of the patient we offer free pick-up and drop service as well as free stay and meals during the surgery.

Healthcare at Doorsteps

Our team of doctors consist of Orthopaedics, General Physicians and Psychologists. Apart from opening mobile dispensaries and hospitals, our team actively distributes relevant medication to people living in villages and remote areas.

ServeVahan is a Project by Serve Samman, an ISO certified non-profit NGO, registered with the Govt of India. Established in the year 2012 and registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

Under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Rajeev Bajaj, a tech evangelist and serial entrepreneur, we at Serve Samman are strategizing to transform rural healthcare infrastructure. Our mission is to expand healthcare opportunities for people residing in backward regions in the foothills of the Himalayas, especially Sub Urban and Rural Uttarakhand.

Our objective is to create a rapidly expandable Healthcare infrastructure to provide medical services at the doorsteps of those in need. Backed with IoT and remote monitoring technology, our mobile clinic ServeVahan can provide medical services such as spot testing, clinical examination, and diagnostics with assisted Telemedicine consultations in remote and inaccessible areas, where necessary healthcare infrastructure has not been established.

In addition to general OPD and free distribution of medicines, we also carry out eye care check-ups, facilitate cataract surgeries, host awareness workshops on hygiene, undernutrition prevention, and communicable diseases.

Your Donation Can Bring Change

You can help with your contributions to support our mission to bring quality eyecare and healthcare services to people residing in remote and rural India where such services are inaccessible. Your generous support will empower us to help victims of natural disaster. When you make a donation, you give us the strength to continue our work and reach out to many more humans in need.

We are registered with MCA CSR 1 under Section # 135 (1) of Companies Act 2013 and Rule # 1, 3 & 5 of CSR Rules 2014 and undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects, based on your specific area needs. We work closely with your company framework to help you comply, supported by SOP’s , Programs & Strategies for effective implementation and monitoring.

All donations are exempt from tax under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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